Return Policy Gotchas

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(Memphis)  It's great to find a deal during the holiday season, but that bargain can turn sour if you waste money when returning it.

Experts say your main concern should be finding out whether you'll need a receipt and how long you have to return the item. 

Also, watch out for limited return/exchange policies. 

This often happens with electronics, jewelry and lingerie. 

The good news is that some retailers will adjust, or lengthen these policies during the holiday season.

Customers should also find out if they'll need identification to return an item. 

Also, if you're buying online, make sure to double-check the fine print on returns. 

For example, will you have to pay for shipping it back, or is that free?

Finally, when buying a gift, add a gift receipt so it's easier on the recipient if they do have to head back to the store.

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