Oxford Square Parking Rules go Into Effect

(Oxford, MS) Angela Greene says parking’s always been a headache on the Oxfore Square, because it seems everybody in the County’s trying to get a spot here ”I actually have tried to find parking down here before and it’s been really bad”.

But it’s a much different story, as new parking regulations take effect. Monday through Saturday from 8 in the morning until 8 at night, you can only leave your car on the square for two hours.

”There has always been complaints and issues that there never was enough parking places” said Oxford Police Chief Mike Martin.

Now, Oxford has turned over parking on the square to a private company to monitor the two hour limit, with a high tech license plate scanner, you won’t even get a break for moving your car, unless it’s off the square.

The plan already seems to be working. Most here have never seen the square about half empty during lunch hour.

That’s because even though the first ticket is free, they go up from there; ten to twenty-five to fifty, and an extra ten bucks every month you don’t pay a ticket off.

Oxford does provide other options, like free parking behind the square, and the only public bus service outside of Memphis which seems to be catching on "I don’t come and park very often. I walk everywhere, take the bus” said Laura Godfrey of Oxford

Oxford’s Police Chief says there are complaints the two hour limit isn’t enough so he says there’s a chance it could change ”It’s in its infancy so we’ll see what it does”.

But for most here, the change is obvious ”So yeah, I’m surprised it’s so open” said Greene.

And chances are it will stay this way, but only for people who come to the square for short visits.

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