Grizzlies Up Security At FedExForum

(Memphis)  FedExForum and the Memphis Grizzlies are increasing security at games due to a requirement by the NBA.

The change meant slightly longer lines to get into the area. Monday night, that meant fans braved cold temperatures and light rain while they waited. Most called the wait no big deal, but some found the change a hassle since bags had to be emptied and fans searched.

The NBA is requiring all teams perform hand wand searches at 50% of games.

Starting with the All-Star Break which is February 15-17, there will be hand wand searches at all games. So far, the staff at FedExForum has conducted two of the searches and say things have gone relatively smoothly.

Due to the changes, fans should start giving themselves extra time when arriving at the game. One fan told us, it's what he did and found everything to go off without a hitch.

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