Bartlett PD: Thieves Target Fords

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(Bartlett, TN) Bartlett Police are on the search for two men who they say broke into 13 cars last Tuesday night at a movie theater on Stage Road near the Wolfchase Cinema.

Police said several people came outside after viewing a movie to find their locks on their car doors punched out.

“They’ll use some type of device. Some type of elongated device that they’ll stick it into the door lock and some way they’ll break the door lock and that’s how they get into a majority of Fords. I guess it’s pretty common,” said Captain Marlon Jones with Bartlett Police.

Out of the 13 cars that were broken into, 12 were Fords.

Electronics, clothing and a hand gun were taken from the cars.

“We always tell people don’t ever leave any handguns out in your vehicle because you know if someone does break into your vehicle, that’s a hand gun that is on the streets. And we always hate for that to happen because it may turn up in a crime later on,” said Jones.

Bartlett Police has surveillance video of the suspects.

It’s thought the crimes in Bartlett are connected to similar crimes in Memphis.

Both departments are working together to review video.

“We are definitely increasing patrols in all the parking lots in Bartlett, all the major shopping centers and all the retail stores. We are increasing patrols with marked and unmarked units,” added Jones who said they are also asking residents to stow it and not show it.