Similar Crimes Land Two Men Behind Bars

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(Memphis) - Two Memphis men are behind bars for almost the same crime; kidnapping and assaulting their girlfriends.

The two men were picked up because their girlfriends spoke up.

Roshundra Williams was shocked that her newest neighbor on Coventry Road in Frayser was one of the two women kidnapped and assaulted by her boyfriend over the last week.

“We've got a lot of domestic violence in Memphis though, a lot of men beating on women," said Williams.

Last weekend, investigators say the girlfriend of 26-year-old Leo Veasley was moving out of his house into the one on Coventry when he showed up and stuck a gun in her face. He allegedly grabbed her hair and pulled her into his car. 

Once back at his house, police say he pistol-whipped her, slapped her and spit in her face. Investigators say Veasley threatened to kill his girlfriend and her family if she told police. She spoke up anyway. Veasley was arrested Saturday morning.

“Speaking as a woman, I think it's wrong just because you don't do a woman like that,” said Williams. “It don't matter what they did, you don't do a woman like that. She doesn't deserve that.”

In a separate, similar case, police arrested 22-year-old Jacob Wamble. He allegedly beat his girlfriend with a remote at this hotel on Summer Avenue, and then threatened her with a knife. He allegedly forced her to drive to an ATM to get him money. The woman flagged down a police officer and Wamble, like Veasley, ended up in a jail cell.

“For him to do that you've got to get a punishment,” said neighbor Antonio Crawford about Veasley. “They say if you do wrong, wrong follows you, so evidently he is getting punished the right way.”

Veasley was arrested twice on assault charges in 2009. Those charges were dropped. Wamble and Veasley remain in jail tonight on bonds