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Man Beaten and Pistol-Whipped Near High School

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(Memphis) -When the call went out, police scanner talk claimed a man was down, possibly shot in front of Booker T. Washington High School.

Sandra Becton rushed over to S. Lauderdale Street after she received a similar call, only the man down she believed was her 27-year-old son, Mario.

“One of his friends called and said something happened with Mario,” Becton said. ”So that's what we were trying to find out. Was it him that got shot or in the police car, but no one will tell my anything.”

Becton had more questions than answers, but Memphis Police were busy trying to figure out what was going on also.  

Police hit the skies, dead set on finding an Orange Camaro believed to be involved, but then the call came in. Becton found out her son was at the Med.

However, police say the 27-year-old was not shot, but beaten and pistol-whipped, taken to the Regional Medical Center in critical condition.

“I couldn't even go to work,” Becton said. “I had to call my job and tell them I'm not coming in until I found out what's wrong with my son.”

Even at the hospital, details surrounding the condition of Becton's son were still hazy, but what little she found out was enough to bring some peace of mind.

“A little bit, but I won't be too relieved until I see that he is going to be alright, because if he got pistol-whipped in the head, there is no telling what happened [to him],” Becton said.

Investigators say the victim's condition has improved. Police need help tracking down the suspect. They say he is driving an orange Chevy Camaro with 24 inch rims. Call Crimestoppers at 901.528.CASH with any information.