Memphis Fire Says Thanksgiving Meal Causes Blaze

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(Memphis)  4 families watched their homes go up in flames this Thanksgiving morning and firefighters say an unattended holiday meal may be to blame. It happened at the Shannon Falls apartments in Frayser on Thomas about 8 o’clock this morning.

“All we know is when we went back to the living room and the kitchen it was on fire, the back of the refrigerator was on fire,” said Kevin Williams, Sr.

Williams and his girlfriend were getting ready to spend the holiday with their family when the fire happened in his kitchen. The fire department is still investigating but they think they know what started it.  

“Possibly, left some cooking materials unattended,” said Battalion Chief Keith Staples, Memphis Fire Services.

We asked Williams if he was cooking.

“I was cooking a ham but that's not the cause of the fire,” he said.

Williams is convinced the fire is electrical.

“When the fire struck from the refrigerator, it went up in the walls and as you can see it went straight up to other people's apartments,” said Williams.

Will Williams, not related to Kevin, lives in an upstairs apartment that also caught fire. 

He said, “I hurried up and got the kids up and so we ran through the fire, ran through it.”

All five got out but everything they own is gone. They moved here after surviving another fire in Mason, TN.

“We are very blessed ma'am, very blessed and it's our first time being in a tragedy on Thanksgiving morning and I say if anybody can help us. Help us,” said Will Williams.

The fire got to only 4 apartments but some others are too smoky to live in. Still, it could have been worse had it not been for the firewalls that separate the individual apartments.