Students Angry Over Personal Survey on Sex. Teacher Dismissed

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(Memphis) A Mid-South professor was moved out of class for an inappropriate survey.

Students at Southwest Tennessee Community College say the survey asked deeply personal questions about sex.

Raymond Batiste is studying at Southwest Tennessee Community College to be a counselor, “We're getting to know the brain, the nervous system, the body and how drugs and alcohol affect those parts."

Imagine his surprise to find out he and other students in class had to fill out a deeply personal and mandatory survey on sex.

“Do you watch pornography, playboy magazine, internet porn,” Batiste listed off. “Do you solicit sex, you pay for, buy? Totally, totally private questions.”

Batiste filled out the survey, even had to include his name, “Of course in college, you want the credit. I was afraid for my grade anyway and I felt like I was cheated into doing something and boundaries were violated.”

The school felt the same, according to Batiste, and the professor was dismissed from the class.

Batiste claims the teacher is a sex therapist outside of his work as a teacher, “That's where the difference came. We're students for substance abuse counseling. We're not really there to be diagnosed with our personal addiction.”

Batiste says students are considering filing a harassment lawsuit against the teacher and the school.

A Southwest spokesperson said they could not confirm or deny the incident until early next week.