Southaven Investigates Robbery Ring

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(Southaven, MS) The clerk didn’t want to show her face, or give her name, but she said she’d never forget about the recent robbery at Sid’s Convenience Store.

She said, late at night, three men walked in, covered head to toe in black clothing, ”They had a gun in their hand and one of them jumped over the counter and grabbed the money from here”.

Police won’t say how much they got away with, but they say pictures captured the whole thing.

The armed robbers didn’t stop there.

A week later, another robbery took place at circle K just up the road.

This time, the surveillance pictures showed more revealing information.

Police say the photos were in many ways similar to the Sid’s photos, down to the guns the robbers carried.

”I think these are connected absolutely. We’re going through all the video and stuff and we think they’re the same parties involved” said Lieutenant Mark Little of the Southaven Police Department.

But it gets better.

Apparently a mask fell off one of the robbers revealing one of their faces.

Police believe they have a photo of a witness, who may have seen one of the robbers.

Officers are looking for him now.

”We got a couple detectives working on it. We’re working some pretty good leads, getting information in from other agencies that’s been helpful”.

And the clerk says she hopes it leads to arrests soon so she can return to work without fear, "It was very scary and I really hope so, that Police Department catch them”.

Police hope to have significant progress on their case within the next week or so.