Mud Island Stalker Tells His Side Of The Story

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(Memphis) We caught up with a man, a convicted killer, arrested in Memphis for stalking women on Mud Island.

It turns out Michael Ardoin spent less than five months in jail and is back on the streets.

WREG interviewed him Wednesday, outside the transitional home in which he lives in Frayser.

People remember Ardoin by his hairstyle, but they also remember him because of his past.

"I`m trying to let it go but it seems some people really don`t want to let it go," said Ardoin.

In 1999, Ardoin was convicted of murder for strangling a woman and leaving her naked body in a parking lot.

The crime happened in Houston, Texas and Ardoin served five years in prison.

Then last November, he was accused of stalking a woman on Mud Island and served a couple months in jail.

But then he broke a restraining order, by going back to Mud Island, and was  accused of following and scaring other women.

"That's what I heard too but I don't recall that," said Ardoin.

"You don't recall doing it?" asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.


Ardoin says he suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder and is fine when he stays on his medicine which he says he is taking regularly.

"Being a spiritually-based program, we don`t discriminate because of someone`s past," said Earnest Townes, the operations manager for The Father's House.

Townes says Ardoin is checked-on three times a day, is getting mental health treatment and learning how to manage his life for a better future.

"We have to recognize that life has no rewind," said Townes.

Ardoin says he wants his future to include happiness and fun, something he saw happening on Mud Island, and what he says kept drawing him back.

"I like to have fun and be happy and am inspired by people who are positive and that`s what I saw on Mud Island," said Ardoin. "People jog and stay in shape. That is positive. I was inspired by that."

But some on Mud Island say there weren't inspired by his behavior.

The Harbor Town Association has a restraining order that mandates that he never return.