Horn Lake Soldier Injured in Alleged “Hazing” Incident

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(Horn Lake, MS) Horn Lake High graduate Taylor Odom is hanging to life by the proverbial thread at a Colorado military hospital after a November 7th training accident.

”He came in with a brain bleed, shearing of the brain, two punctured lungs…” said his Mother, Jennier Palazola-Herrin.

The long list of injuries goes on to include liver damage, massive internal bleeding and numerous broken bones from the neck down, including a crushed pelvis.

He’s been revived from death at least once.

It’s a startling development for a young man who started off with a bright future.

”He was a young man who wanted to be a part of something and he wanted some direction and he wanted to achieve some leadership,” said DeSoto Schools ROTC Coordinator Lee Caldwell.

He knew early on the Army could give him that.

Just a few months ago Private Odom sat in this classroom with other students in the Horn Lake ROTC program.

Now, fellow classmates pray for his recovery from what his mother calls a “hazing ritual."

She says Taylor was playing a patient in a medical evacuation scenario, when the driver of his Humvee started speeding and swerving, ”He was swerving on and off the road to try to scare the new soldiers because on was asleep, so he was trying to wake him up and scare him."

The Humvee flipped sending Odom flying from the vehicle.

Doctors say his injuries will take years to heal, but his mother remains thankful he’s still alive, ”I’m very blessed, very thankful. I have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving."

She’s now working to get him home, for what promises to be a very long round of therapy.

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