Aldermen, Police Officers Resign in Moscow

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(Moscow, TN) - Turmoil in a small Mid-South town. Half the Board of Aldermen have called it quits, the police chief says he's had enough, and two other officers are also off the schedule. This is all happening in the town of Moscow, TN in Fayette County. Wednesday night the town had its board meeting, but it was over before it even began.

"Sorry, but the meeting is over for tonight," Mayor Gary Howell said."We don't have quorum."

The City of Moscow board meeting was canceled because  three of the aldermen called it quits.

The newly elected Mayor Gary Howell, who won by less than 5 votes, didn't want to talk about the recent resignations.
Alderman Tonya Kennon did.

"I don't know anything about anyone resigning that is something that would have to be presented to the board," she said.

While they haven't officially resigned before the board,  we found resignation letters from Alderman Jerry Rhea,  Curtis Oliver, and  Othea Rhodes.

"I haven't heard what's going on I'm trying to figuring it out myself,"  Vice-Mayor Virgil Jones said. 

Jones says those resignations were just the beginning.

"It worries me some. I wonder whats going on. We had some police officers who resigned yesterday," he said.

The mayor confirmed two police officers are no longer "on the schedule," and the police chief recently retired.

But Mayor Howell didn't seem concerned.

"It (the police department) was overstaffed," Howell said. "I've got the city covered."

Sue Cowan who's lived here all her life isn't so sure. She spoke with some of the leaders who stepped down.

"They say they can't work with this administration," she said. "I'm really concerned. My house is for sale and I'd love to move."

But she's hopeful.

"I hope maybe he'll do a good job," she said."I'll help him if he needs me too,  and I hope this town gets better."

We tried to talk with the aldermen who stepped down. We were told two of them were out of town, the third didn't want to go on camera. He did say, however, that he feels like he is not longer on the job and doesn't plan on showing up to anymore meetings.