North Memphis Grandmother Seeking Help to Get Around

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(Memphis) An elderly woman is in danger, just by staying at home.

Her much-needed powered wheel chair is broken and her family told us the insurance company isn't doing much to help.

A spirited 84-year-old Mattie Taylor likes to care of herself, but she suffers from diabetes and can't walk on her swollen legs.

Last month, her power wheel chair stopped working .

She's fallen four times trying to move around when the chair calls it quits, " I had to roll and try to crawl to get the phone and call her and tell her to come get me off the floor."

Thankfully, the grandmother hasn't seriously hurt herself.

But, she fears it could happen, " Its scary. Then its embarrassing after I fall because I know I`m heavy."

Her Daughter, Fannie Allen said she called and wrote AARP to get the chair fixed, but the family says it's getting the runaround, "I'm tired. I've tried everything I know to try."

We called AARP.

A spokesperson said they would look into Ms. Mattie's case, but so far we haven`t heard anything.

"I just want a chair that works," said Taylor.

She just had a new wheelchair ramp built last month.

If she has a working chair, she'll have her independence.

"I could go down the ramp, I could holler at the neighbors," said Taylor.

It's a simple wish from a woman who just wants to enjoy life, safely at home.

"It would do all the good in the world," said Taylor.