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Carver Students Rally To Save School

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(Memphis) The Memphis and Shelby County School merger could result in the closure of some schools.

It's a recommendation to save the school system money.

But some students are saying 'not so fast'!

Students held a rally Tuesday at Carver High School.

"I'm shocked by the depth of passion and conviction," said School Board Commissioner Kenneth Whalum, Jr about the students speaking at the event.

"I love Carver. I really do," said Tiara Colema, a 2012 graduate.

"It was such a beautiful school, such a beautiful community," said Sheila Whalum, a 1978 graduate. "I grew up here."

Some fear Carver High School in South Memphis could be closed.

"We are tax payers. We are not welfare recipients," said Aretha King, who says all her children have attended the school.

Shutting down Carver isn't sitting well with some who live in the area.

"Today was all about how the school becomes great again," said Kemario Davis, a student that organized the rally.

Some students say the focus should be on revitalizing the school, making it better, instead of getting rid of it.

School Board Commissioner Kenneth Whalum Jr. said he will not vote to get rid of any school in Memphis unless the Transition Planning Commission can prove the plan will save money.

The TPC is recommending the new school system save $20 million by closing 21 schools that are underused.

Carver only has 400 students.

But some believe the school may be targeted for other reasons.

"This city has forgotten this school because we live in this particular area," said King.

"It's not just the affluent neighborhoods that matter, it's the poorest neighborhoods," said Whalum Jr.

A Memphis City Schools spokesperson said no official list has been created.

But those in South Memphis don't want Carver to ever be one of them.

The School Board is meeting 5:30 p.m. Tuesday but commissioners say they will likely not vote on this issue.