Walmart Calls Planned Black Friday Protest Illegal

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(Southaven, MS) Walmart  has filed a federal complaint, saying a  union is illegally organizing a picket at many of its stores on Black Friday.

The retail giant warns  workers need to work or face the consequences.

Walmart workers fed up over benefits, low pay, and alleged employee intimidation are using Black Friday to draw attention to working conditions.

"I do know a lot of people who worked at Walmart in the past and things sometime were not completely fair there. So I think they have a right to picket if that's what they feel they gotta do." says one female shopper.

Social Media is abuzz with plans for workers to picket Walmart stores..

On a Facebook Page dedicated to the protest, one person wrote, 'Walmart needs to pay their workers a living wage and treat them like human beings, not machines.'

Another said, 'If Walmart employees don't like working at Walmart, they should stop complaining and just quit.'

Mississippi is one of several states listed as protest sites.

At the Southaven Walmart, customers have doubts whether a protest would get support.

"They going to shop regardless. They protesting or whatever they doing, they still gonna shop. You got the prices, we coming to get it (laugh). That's the bottom line to it," says one male shopper.

Random workers at the Southaven store told us they don't know about any protests.

But one worker said if there is one, he'll take part because he is tired of making minimum wage and is trying to find other work.
"There's a lot of good deals that come out on Black Friday, so I don't think it's gonna stop very many people at all," says another shopper.

The work protest is being pushed by the United Food and Commercial Workers Union. Walmart  sent us a statement saying only a small percentage of its workforce is taking part in the  protest, which it calls a publicity stunt.

It says Black Friday is the Super Bowl of retail and stores are ready.