Grandmother Accused of Leaving Baby in Hallway

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(Memphis) A grandmother is in jail, accused of leaving a one-year-old child to fend for herself.

Gwenivere Lawrence was supposed to be baby-sitting two children.

Instead, police say she watched one and left the other infant in the apartment hallway.

Why? Police say she told them it was because the baby wasn't her granddaughter!

But neighbors aren't blaming the grandma, but the women who left the babies in her care.

"Cause that woman, she is special. Something is wrong with her," said Betty Breakfield, who says she has known Lawrence since high school.

Those who know Gwenivere Lawrence say she can barely take care of herself.

"She walks around all year with a hot coat on," said Columbus Tucker. "She don`t take no bath."

Yet, police say Lawrence's teenage daughter and her girlfriend thought it would be a good idea to leave their two one-year-old daughters in her care.

Police say they did it to go to a night club Saturday night.

But while they were gone, police say Lawrence left one of the babies in the hallway for several hours and wouldn't answer the door for anyone, not even police.

When maintenance finally opened the doors for officers, they found Lawrence in the apartment with the other baby unharmed.

They said  Lawrence told them that she left the other baby outside because it wasn't her granddaughter.

"She didn't put her own grandchild out. She put the other child out," said Barbara Sharp, who also lives in the Barry Tower.

Neighbors in the Berry Tower on North Lauderdale Street say while they find the grandmother's actions disturbing, they say the children's mothers are really to blame.

"Whoever gave her that baby, they had no business given her the baby in the first place," said Tucker.

"I wouldn't leave my child with you if you are mentally ill," said Sharp.

"I don`t know why the girl left the baby with that woman like that cause they know how she is. I know how she is," said Breakfield.

Breakfield says the worst part about it is police say the two teenage mothers did it just to go out to a nightclub.

Officers turned the two babies back over the mothers, according to the police report and only the grandmother was charged with a crime.

She is in jail on $100 bond for reckless endangerment.