Woman Attacks Husband With Knife

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(Memphis) A Memphis woman is out of jail Sunday evening after police say she attacked her husband with a knife.

26-year-old Javon Fitzgerald was arrested early this morning and charged with Aggravated Assault.

Neighbors say they heard two people arguing in the parking lot of their apartments, moments later they opened the door to see a man covered in blood, rushing to get away from his attacker.

A trail of blood tells the story of a man stabbed, desperate to get away from a woman police say was armed with a knife; his wife.

“I heard it was pretty bad,” said Latonya Morgan who was visiting her sons that live next door to the victim.

Neighbors say the couple began arguing in the parking lot over, what sounded like, another woman. That's when police say 26-year-old Javon Fitzgerald pulled out a knife and stabbed her husband not once, but several times.

“It's just shocking,” said Morgan. “I hate the situation happened.

The victim ran upstairs and kicked in his apartment door, desperate to get away. Neighbors called the police. Officers found the victim passed out on his living room floor bleeding badly.

“I'm glad that neighbors did take the initiative to call the police and get something done, because it could have been much worse,” Morgan said.

She says her sons just recently moved in, “They wanted to be in a crime free area and to be here a week and something like this happen. Is there a clause in the lease [to get out],” she asked as she began to laugh.

However, Morgan recognizes domestic violence can happen anywhere. This time, it was the Enclave apartments and this time, the victim managed to get away with his life.

“It could have been a murder next door instead of just a domestic violence situation,” Morgan said.

Javon Fitzgerald's mother answered the door at the apartment when News Channel 3 went by. She didn't want to comment on her daughter's charge. Fitzgerald is out of jail on a $7,500 bond. Her husband was released from the hospital Sunday evening.