Gun Thief Captured in Southaven Neighborhood

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(Southaven, MS) Dozens of Southaven Police officers spent nearly 5 hours searching for a burglary suspect Thursday morning.

The search began after a woman discovered a man breaking into her car in the Oliver’s Glenn Subdivision off of Church Road.

“She woke up to the noise. She heard something bumping and she looked out the window and saw somebody here in the truck and she hollered and screamed,” said Kevin Wright who also happens to be a WREG contractor.

Wright’s wife called police and his son ran after the thief while he noticed that his two rifles were missing from his car.

Police began searching for the suspect.

They found the guns a few blocks away from where they were taken.

“We actually held the night shift over just to double the presence for this morning to make sure the kids are being loaded on buses, getting into schools safely,” said Southaven Police Chief Tom Long.

After several sightings a K-9 dog found the suspect in the woods of the Belle Pointe Subdivision about a mile away from where police were initially called.

The suspect was treated for bites on his arms and legs after he was arrested.

Wright said police returned his guns. “Yeah you can have a loaded gun at your night stand, you can have all the locks locked, you can have alarms and safes but if they want it bad enough they are going to get it."

Chief Long fears there could be more victims.

He is asking everyone to check their cars to see if anything is missing.