New Video of Robbers in Presidential Masks During Heists

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(Collierville, TN)   Newly released videotape shows two robbing a jewelry store at gunpoint.

The crooks were covered from head to toe and pulled off a jewelry store heist straight out of Hollywood.

They wore rubber masks of President Bill Clinton and Vice President Dick Cheney.  

The pair of presidential imposters pulled a gun on store clerks while they filled up their bags with Rolex watches, loose diamonds, rings, bracelets, and earrings.

Former Memphis police robbery investigator Billy Garrett says the pair were likely part of a national ring.

Crooks who are extremely experienced to get in, get out, and get lost.

The heist happened five years ago at “The Avenue” outdoor mall. It was formerly named “Carriage Crossing”.

It may have happened again, almost one thousand miles away in central Virginia at a jeweler in an outdoor mall in a suburb similar to Collierville. 

No word if the cases are connected but Garrett said these robbers often move from city to city conducting similar jobs.