MCS Investigates East High Security Breach

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(Memphis) Security at Memphis City Schools is being called into question after seven parents rushed into the school and beat up three students.

MCS says they are investigating to find out exactly how the people got into East High School, since it was locked and there was security on the campus.

Surveillance tapes at East High are being reviewed.

Parents were called to the school to talk with the Principal about their child being suspended for arguing with other students.

MCS says when the parents got there, they were escorted from the locked front door to the office, and then escorted back out when the meeting was finished.   

The school says the parents snuck back into the school somehow, and someone may have let them in because all doors into the school are locked.  

According to the police affidavit, three teenage girls were walking to lunch on the third floor at East High School when seven family members of a student ran into the school ran up the stairs and attacked the girls. 

The school even had to go on lockdown while administrators got the situation under control.

Robert Bridges is also a parent and thinks visitors shouldn't be on school grounds without permission, “The parents should go straight to the office if they have any troubles with the kids fighting and all that anyway. They should go straight to the office and talk to the principal or security."

Anthony Miller says the problem is not the school or security it's the lack of parenting, “It's sad. It's sad for our kids because they don't have role models and the first role model comes from the home."