Criminals Targeting West Africans Immigrants In Memphis

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(Memphis) They say language barriers and odd work hours are making people targets of crime.

Some West Africans say Memphis police are not doing enough to keep them safe.

"All these bruises you see are from the gun," said Oumar Kah, through a translator.

Oumar Kah said all he was doing was trying to get to work when he was attacked by a group of men in a black car.

It happened Wednesday morning at the Hickory Hill apartments in Whitehaven.

"I was bleeding and I was laying down," said Kah.

He says the criminals stole his green card, driver's license, money and phone.

"For no reason at all like 20 dollars, 10 dollars, 15 dollars," said MD Diallo, a West African resident.

Some in the West African community say Oumar's story is playing out over and over again in Memphis.

"We are so used to it," said Diallo. "It's like we are living in Afghanistan or Syria. You know, none of us are safe."

Just a half hour before Oumar was attacked, they say another African, was assaulted at the Cambridge Court Apartments down the road.

They told us that man is in critical condition.

"We know so far, is that he is in the ICU at The MED. He is not talking. He has had a lot of surgery. A lot of broken bones," said Diallo.

Diallo says before that attack, another West African was beaten and left with a broken jaw.

Then there's Alassane Sy, who is still in a vegetative-like state after police say two teens in Whitehaven hit him in the head with a baseball bat in April.

Diallo says what bothers him most is that he feels police haven't followed-up on the recent attacks.

Oumar says he has yet to receive a phone call from an investigator about what happened to him, "So that tells me, after the fact, they are not going to find the person. They are going to throw [the case] away."

Diallo is trying to get the word out to the African community to be aware of their surroundings and not make themselves easy targets .