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Thieves Clear Out Whitehaven Church Building

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(Memphis) Police say thieves hit up a church property in Whitehaven and didn't just go after the copper but also pretty much everything else inside.

The Cross of Calvary Lutheran Church is located in the 4000 block of Elvis Presley Boulevard.

The church says its two five-ton A/C units were protected by a steel cage but that did not stop the thieves from cutting the lock.

"He seemed to use some kind of angle cutter to cut the bolt," said Leo Winfrey, a church trustee.

Winfrey says the thieves didn't stop there.

"This back door was found to be open and the lock had been damaged," said Winfrey.

The criminals helped themselves to a list of items inside the building that belong to the Cross of Calvary Lutheran Church.

"Computer, fridge, washer, dryer," listed Reporter Sabrina Hall.

"Yeah," said Winfrey.

Police say the thieves stole those items as well as 10 file cabinets, six phones, and a copy and fax machine.

"They aren't looking at who it belongs to," Winfrey said about the thieves. "They are just looking at what they want to get."

The church is in the process of selling the building on Chambliss Road. It once was a day care, then a school classroom, now it's on the market.

"We don't have video surveillance on it but if we don't sell it pretty soon, we're probably going to have to add surveillance to it," said Winfrey.

"Because it's just sitting empty so it's becoming a target," said Hall.

"Sure it is," said Winfrey.

Winfrey says it's still a mystery who cleared the place out, "They need to be stopped."

If you happen to know who targeted the church, call Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH.