Police, Fire Departments Investigating Possible Fire Bombing

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(Memphis) Memphis Police are looking for information connected to a home in north Memphis that was fire-bombed Wednesday morning.

A family of seven was inside when someone threw a Molotov cocktail at the back of the home around 2 Wednesday morning.

“She heard something hit the window and that’s when she told her husband.  She thought the house was on fire. So he got up and it was on fire. So they got to throwing water out,” said KC Miller, whose daughter’s home was burned.

No one inside was hurt and the damage to the home was minimal.

Miller said with recent crime in the neighborhood, this was the last straw for her daughter’s family,  “She’s been saying she was going to move anyway, but she needs to just go ahead on and move. They wanted to kill everybody in the house."

The New Chicago Development Corporation has been working recently to turn the neighborhood around as they build new, affordable housing.

Miller thinks the violence will drive people away from the neighborhood.

“It’s getting worse.  It’s not getting any better,” said Miller. Meantime she is helping her daughter’s family move. She fears for her daughter’s life, who is wheel chair bound, if her home were to catch fire again.