Downtown Murder Suspect Killed Someone Before

(Memphis) We're finding out new details about the man accused of murdering a homeless woman in a downtown apartment.

We learned Scott Porter killed someone before.

It seems both of his crimes might be linked to a problem with alcohol.

"She lost her life and he's probably going to be in prison for the rest of his life due to alcohol," said Jason Humes, who is homeless on the streets of downtown Memphis.

Humes says he knew both Scott Porter and Connie Cox.

"I knew her by CC," he said.

Police say Porter murdered CC in his apartment building downtown.

The medical examiner ruled her death the result of blunt-force trauma.

CC was homeless, Porter was not.

People say they both liked to drink together.

"He hung around with homeless people," said Terry Starr, who is also homeless.

It seems drinking has been a common thread through Porter's life.

In 1991, police say he had been drinking all day when he shot his friend in the chest inside his parent's Collierville home.

Apparently, the shooting was an accident.

Porter was just trying to show his friend his gun.

At the time, police say they tested Porter's blood alcohol content and eight hours after the shooting it tested at .11 percent.

Twenty years later, the man known for drinking on the streets is in trouble, police say, for killing someone again.

Also a friend. Investigators say they found CC's blood in Porter's apartment.

"I would suppose somebody would have stopped him after the first time," said Humes. "You know, dealt with it a long time ago before it got to this situation because look at this now, we have another tragedy."

News Channel 3 talked to a neighbor in Collierville who says he watched Porter grow up and he says while Porter may have a problem with alcohol, he is not guilty of murder.

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