Southaven Mayor on the hot seat over what’s being called an attempt to hide money

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(Southaven, MS) There are plenty of implications around what Greg Davis allegedly did to knowingly falsify documents.

The  FBI is already investigating Davis for his excessive spending on the city dime and now News Channel 3 has learned they could also take a look at Davis' recent salary issue.   

A day after Davis ran from our cameras, we asked again for an interview.

He sent us a court order preventing anyone involved in his divorce case to talk about it to the media.
But court documents uncovered by News Channel 3 say plenty.

Attorneys for Davis' ex wife Suzann have written testimony  from Alderman Ronnie Hale, Greg Guy and Police Chief Tom Long.

All admit Greg Davis told them in a closed-door meeting that he had city hall worker Wes Brown alter the payroll information he provided to his ex-wife.

Davis is embroiled in a bitter divorce settlement with Suzann Davis and there's a fierce battle over money.

Stating he made less than his $185,000 a year salary would presumably make Davis' divorce payments less.
Desoto County's District Attorney can't talk about the case but said falsifying any document can be wrong on several levels.

It could be perjury if Davis actually signed a court document saying his salary was less.

False Pretense could come into play if Davis gave false information for his own financial gain.

It could actually be fraud if he tried to cheat his wife out of earnings.

But Suzann Davis is far from going away quietly.

News Channel 3 obtained a list of 14 banks she subpoenaed, asking them to turn over any requests for loans or advances made by her ex-husband.
 In  an amended copy of Suzann Davis' child support request filed in court just a week ago, she is asking for adjustments to Greg Davis' child support payments saying he made over $250,000 when you add in city credit cards, campaign accounts and expense accounts.

The child support issue will be heard in court Wednesday morning and News Channel 3 will be there for it.