Batesville Couple Targeted in Scheme

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(Batesville, MS) Nita Taylor told us she is suspicious about what strangers tell her over the phone after hearing what happened to a Panola County couple, ”An older couple of our church had been a part of a scam, actually themselves, been called about a relative."

The callers claimed the couple’s granddaughter was in a car accident in Mexico and they needed to wire money right away.

Batesville Police Chief Tony Jones said these type of schemes started popping up in town about a hear and a half ago, including one that was partly successful, ”They had enough information that the grandma felt it was legitimate. She wired ‘em some money. Shortly afterward, they called again."

So far, calls like this have been traced to Quebec, Peru, and Panama, among other places.

In this case, the elderly couple took money from an ATM and went to wire the cash.

The alleged crooks were well on their way to getting what they wanted until employees at a Piggly Wiggly store sensed something wrong because they’d seen thins kind of scheme before.

Even managers at a local bank got suspicious when the couple got a call from a girl claiming to be the granddaughter, asking for cash.

”Best thing is don’t trust anybody. You look at ‘em, you talk to ‘em in person. Check it out and make sure that what they’re telling you is true,” said Jones.

Because Taylor says our personal information is too easy to come by these days on the internet, ”Maybe get a number and I’ll get back to you on that and then check it out with a relative, local Law Enforcement or something, but I really hated to see this happen to this couple”.

She hopes nobody falls for this again.