Southaven Mayor Greg Davis accused of trying to hide his salary from is ex-wife

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(Southaven, MS) Our cameras caught Mayor Greg Davis making a  bee-line for the nearest exit as we tried to interview him Monday.
The serious game of dodge ball may be caused by what he told Southaven Aldermen he did to his salary.

"He was just letting us know some changes had been made," said Southaven Alderman Ronnie Hale.

Davis reportedly told Human Resources to change his salary on paper, so it would appear he was making less than his almost 200-thousand dollar a year salary. It came as  his ex-wife, Suzann, was trying to get more in their divorce.

Alderman Hale said he and others weren't sure what the salary change was about, "We just knew it had something to do with the divorce this week. We really don't want to be involved in it, but it looks like we are about to be."

Now Suzann Davis' attorney is  requesting  the Aldermen sign an  affidavit about what happened in that closed-door meeting.

Hale said once the City Attorney  told them  Davis couldn't make the change, they made sure he corrected it.

"The number never changed. It's just how it showed up on paper, that's where the discrepancy came up," said Hale.

We asked if that amounted to being fraudulent, saying one thing and putting another on paper.

"That is something you will have to ask an attorney," said Hale.

We asked how the Board of Alderman allowed this to happen.

"That's just it. Once we become aware of it, once information gets to us, we are making the necessary steps to correct the problem," said Hale.

This comes as Greg Davis remains in the middle of a bitter divorce settlement.

His ex-wife has also sued the man she says is Davis' lover and who destroyed their marriage.

In this latest legal twist, it's still possible members of the Board of Alderman could be called to testify about what they know concerning the Mayor's finances.