Police Search For Man Allegedly Running Fake Marine Scam

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(Memphis) - Police are asking for your help finding a man who pretended to be a marine to swindle a woman out of cash. They say he is 32-year-old Lee Broome and he has a long history of swindling, fraud, and robbery.

"It makes me very, very angry," Thomas Yarborough said.

It's not what Thomas Yarborough wanted to feel on Veterans Day. Usually he's thinking about his son who served in the U.S. Navy.

"That is an honor for someone to come up and say i served your country for a pretender to come up and say that to someone is just disgraceful."

Police say Broome is profiting off patriotism.

They say on October 5th, Broome went up to a woman told her he was a marine who needed help unlockling his car. Police say he even showed her a business card. She took him to an ATM where police say he conned her out of more than $500.

"Unfortunately we have sick people in the world and they are going to capitalize on that," Army Veteran William Pankins said.

Police say Broome has a history of swindling.

In April, he was arrested for extortion. Police say he told a man he had sexual pictures of him and he would give them back  to him in exchange for cash.

Then, October 22 he was at an Exxon on Sycamore and a clerk said he was aggressively panhandling inside.

Police were called and when they arrived, a woman flagged them down and said Broome just scammed her out of $40. He told her he needed money to unlock his car. Another man on the scene claimed the same thing.

Police later found Broome walking in and out of traffic and arrested him.

He told police he didn't think he'd stay behind bars for long.

According to the arrest affidavit, he claimed he was personal friends with a judge. He said he "would simply have to appear for a panhandling charge which would be quickly dismissed."

Broome was let out of jail a $250 bond. 

Now the hunt is on to  get him back behind bars. He is wanted for criminal impersonation and theft.