Two Mid-South Men Make Their Mark on NJ Coast

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(Memphis) Superstorm Sandy has spurred a relief effort far and wide.

In the Mid-South Red Cross Volunteer Walk Bodner is heading to the East Coast, "It's helping people and I remember doing that all my life."

Bodner will work out of a distribution center in New Jersey.

He'll be one of the 5000 Red Cross Volunteers on the ground, "We`ll be camping out in a survival type environment living on cots in an empty building and it will be interesting."

He'll give disaster assistance to thousands of people displaced by Sandy, "Disaster assistance is free given by us, but it's actually a gift by the American people."

While organizations like the Red Cross are there, other people are taking matters into their own hands.

"I'm from Seaside Heights, NJ. My family has been there for four generations. It has been wiped out and just waiting to see if our house will get a red X from FEMA," Skip Coctie said.

So Coctie started a grass-roots relief effort here in the Mid-South, "To have people help people."

He got some help from families at the St. George's School in Germantown.

They helped pack a large truck with clothes, water and paper goods.

Coctie will now drive it to New Jersey and deliver the items to two distribution centers.

And that's not all.

"The New Jersey Amusement Association is helping me set up a kitchen that will feed 450 people a day three times a day," he said. 

Two Mid-South men making their mark on the storm ravaged Jersey coast.