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Movie Screening Aimed At Children With Autism Saturday

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(Cordova) The Autism Society of the Mid-South (ASMS) and Malco Theaters will hold a sensory friendly screening for children and families affected by autism  at the Malco Cordova Cinema Saturday at 9:30 am.

The movie is the animated comedy, “Wreck it Ralph.”

Many children with autism experience increased sensitivity to light, sound, smells, touch, and other sensory stimulation.

Going to the movies for children and families affected by autism is very difficult.

“We at ASMS want to offer families of children with autism a chance to have a typical family outing. Many children with autism have sensory issues such as sensitivity to sound. In a sensory sensitive movie screening the lights stay on and the sound is at much lower level. This allows an autistic child to be in a setting where they are comfortable and will also not be judged if they feel uncomfortable and need to step outside for a moment,” said Troy Glasgow, President of the Autism Society of the Mid-South.

Malco began offering sensory friendly shows earlier this year and has offered these events with other mid-south area organizations.

“My 8 year old son has mild to moderate autism. There are several benefits to a sensory friendly screening but most importantly, it is nice to go to a movie with other families and children with the same spectrum of issues. If one of the other children does something out of character of a normal moviegoer, everyone is understanding. Autistic children are very unpredictable and it’s comforting to know that we will be in an environment with a group of people in our same shoes,” said Leigh Ann Gay, an ASMS parent.

The ASMS event is being held at the Malco Cordova Cinema, 1080 North Germantown Parkway, and tickets are $8.50 per person and include a box of popcorn and a 12 oz. drink.

Tickets may only be purchased through ASMS, they will not be available at the theater.

Anyone interested in purchasing tickets should contact ASMS at (901) 271-5556 or by email at info@autismsocietymidsouth.org.