Bookkeeper Sentenced for Stealing $1.5 Million

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(Memphis) Karen Tripp will spend the next four years in prison after stealing $ 1.5 million from a Mid-South construction company.

Tripp admitted to stealing the money used it to buy a home, and cars, and even funneled money into an antique business she was running in Collierville. 

The judge is ordering Tripp to pay back every penny she stole from Seiler Nabors Construction Company where she was the bookkeeper. 

She is order to pay it back in monthly payments once she gets out of prison. 

Judge Hardy Mayes said he could have given Tripp 30 years, but she cooperated and formally accepted responsibility, and is not a danger to the public. 

Mike Nabors owned the construction company and says Tripp knew everyone she was stealing from, and pretended to have a friendship with them so she could rip them off.

He said she'll never know how many families she hurt when she caused his business to collapse, "She was an integral part. She knew everything about what we were trying to do. It's a kick in the stomach."

Nabors says now that Tripp is headed to jail, it's time for him and his family to move past the embezzlement, even though he doesn't think he'll ever get his money back.