Officer Recovers At The MED; Police Ask For Prayers

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(Memphis) - The law enforcement community is like a family.

"Anytime anyone's involved in a shooting period you have a  wide range of emotions and especially if its someone that you know," Police Union President Michael Williams said.

When word spread Officer Willie Bryant was shot mistakenly by a fellow officer, there was an outpouring of support at The MED.

"You try to do everything you can to protect each other, and to make sure that you're safe," Williams said. "There are always going to be incidents where things happen. This is one of those unfortunate incidents."

Williams said an event like this hasn't happened in more than a decade within the Memphis Police Department.

"Luckily this has not happened in a long time and hopefully it won't happen in a long period of time,but these are the risks that we take with this job."

Williams said there's always a risk officers when officers go into homes performing search warrants.

"When you are in a crowded room and you have individuals that are armed sometimes people are scurrying all over the place and sometimes these situations are very dangerous."

Thursday's dangerous situation landed Officer Bryant in critical condition.

Now as he recovers officers pray for a quick recovery.

"We just ask that you continue to pray for the officer his safety, well being, and also for his family," Williams said.

Officer Bryant has been with the Memphis Police Department since 2003.

He was a patrol officer before getting appointed to the Organized Crime Unit.