Big Brother Big Sister’s Mentor Charged with Rape

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(Memphis) Twenty-one year-old Christopher Bostick is behind bars after Memphis Police say he raped a 7 year-old boy.

The boy reported the rape October 14th.

He told police he knew Bostick from "a local mentoring program".

One of the victim's neighbors said Bostick told him he met the boy through Big Brothers Big Sisters.

"That’s kind of scary. You don’t know what’s going on in other people’s houses. I got kids and  we don’t let people baby sit our kids.  We do it ourselves for that specific reason.  I thought he was just cool.  I thought  he was doing a good thing. He said he was a part of this program," said neighbor LaDerrel Williams.

Bostick has no previous record in Shelby County as an adult or juvenile.

He has a profile on advertising himself as a babysitter or tutor.

At the Memphis Child Advocacy Center, Virginia Stallworth said background checks are not enough.

"If you have a baby sitter coming into your home, let there be surprises. Show up unexpected, some places even have cameras," said Stallworth.

Big Brother Big Sister of Greater Memphis CEO and President Adrienne Bailey released a statement saying: "Big Brothers Big Sisters of Memphis is aware of the child abuse investigation of a former volunteer in our program and are alarmed and deeply saddened by reports of any child being harmed. We are working proactively with law enforcement and are unable to provide further details or speculation beyond this written statement.

Big Brothers Big Sisters is a recognized leader in child safety.  We make child safety our priority and have zero tolerance for abuse of any kind.  We have been a leader in providing child safety education to mentees and their families based on effective prevention practices developed by nationwide experts.  We remain committed to improving children's odds for succeeding in school and breaking negative cycles and believe that safety and security are the foundation of the service we provide.  The integrity of our program is extremely important and to achieve the highest quality standards possible, we work to constantly review and strengthen our screening and background check systems as new best practices in the industry emerge."