Baptist Hospital Employees Take On Wellness Challenge

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(Memphis) A hospital that is used to making people well is now challenging its employees to get in better shape.

Back in September, two employees of Baptist Memorial agreed to take part in the Well4Me six-month personal challenge program to lose weight and improve their health.

Melanie Polzin and Uriel Dukes are meeting regularly with a fitness expert, dietician and cardiologist.

They are also making better food choices and have gone from no exercise to working out at least three days a week.

“I was tired of being tired. I’m a cardiovascular ICU nurse manager and I’m not in the optimum health. How is somebody going to take me seriously, you know,” said Polzin.

Polzin, who is a cardiovascular ICU Nurse, has already lost 14 pounds, and Dukes, a respiratory therapist, has lost 10 pounds.

“We did my entire blood work and my cholesterol is high. They are, like, you are on the road to being a diabetic. It’s like wow. So, I kinda gotta get it together,” said Dukes.

Polzin and Dukes are motivating others by blogging about their experience.

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