Runoffs Will Cost Taxpayers

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(Hernando, MS) It looks like DeSoto County has two runoffs for which to prepare.

Races for State Senate and House were so close, voters in DeSoto and part of Marshall County will have to head back to the polls the week of Thanksgiving.

That extra vote also brings extra work.

”Same amount of work goes into preparing an election for 22 precincts
as it does for 38,” said DeSoto Circuit Clerk Dale Thompson.

All that work doesn’t come free.

Estimates are in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Supervisors tried to save money this time by moving what was to be a special election to fill the Senate seat to the general election, something they can’t do with this runoff.

Estimated grand total for the Thanksgiving week runoff, about $25,000 or more.

”Cost will be 88-thousand dollars just for poll workers. You’ve got rent of the building, you’ve got ballot printing, you have the election commissioners’ time, my time, the programming of the machines, that sort of thing”.

Then there’s this, if Representative Pat Nelson wins the Senate runoff, it will trigger another special election next year to fill his house seat.

And the meter just keeps running.