Protests On The Ole Miss Campus

(Oxford, MS) A student protest erupted on the Ole Miss campus Tuesday night after President Obama was re-elected.

The University of Mississippi says campus police got word through Twitter that students were planning to gather near the school union to protest the outcome of the election.

One student told us he saw 300-400 students on Rebel Drive and in The Grove area just after midnight.

He heard people using racial slurs, and at one point watched someone burn a Obama election sign.

The student news station captured some of what happened.

In the video, you can see university police trying to get control of the situation.

"It was mostly freshmen. I recognized some of them so I got out of my car to see what was going on. I really had no idea why they were there. I think it was kind of Romney versus Obama thing. There was no violence, but there were some slurs thrown around and some heckling," said Ben Bermuda.

Ole Miss leaders released this statement today: "While we are grateful that there were no injuries and there was no property damage, we are disappointed in those students who took a very immature and uncivil approach to expressing their views about the election."

The school says two people were arrested for disorderly conduct.

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