White Station High Assault Caught on Tape

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(Memphis ) Cash Killboy is the victim of a bullies torment. 

The torture went from words to a shocking physical attack Friday.

“I could tell something was about to go on because they were talking and it was sort of hushed or whatever and you could tell they were trying to figure something out, and then the guy who hit me gave a conformational gesture,” said Killboy.

That’s when another student punched him with cameras rolling.

Three days later, there's still a bruise on Cash's face. 

He says the group taunts him because of something as simple as the way he dresses, “It freaks me out, and now I'm always going to have my guard up when I`m around people outside.  And that`s something you don't want to be worried about when you go to school is someone hitting you in the face."

Memphis City Schools says it suspended the student who hit Cash.

He also has a date in juvenile court.

Killboy's father says that's not enough.

“The kid should be arrested. He should be walked out here in handcuffs,” said Jim Killboy.

Memphis City Schools is looking into the recording to identify other students involved in the incident so they can be punished as well.