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City Attorney Sets Up Task Force To Monitor Voting

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(Memphis) When you head to the polls, you won't be alone.

Waiting in the wings will be several Memphis city attorneys, on stand by to help if you run into any problems voting.

"We are gonna have people available to answer questions, direct voters to the right place, correspond with the Election Commission and communicate as necessary. Hopefully get everybody where they need to be," says Regina Newman, Deputy City Attorney.

Regina Newman is heading up the team of 9 city attorneys known as the  Election Integrity Task Force.

While they do their regular city jobs, they will be on stand by to take calls from voters and to clear up any confusion about voting.

"Some of the things that come up, where am I suppose to vote? How come they are not letting me vote with this ID? Am I really suppose to be someone else or am I indeed at the right place," says Newman.

The task force is not costing taxpayers since the attorneys are doing it during work hours and volunteering to be on stand-by during the early and late hours, 7am and 7pm.

"We always have an attorney assigned to the election. We usually field calls. We just decided to make it a little more formal and assure we have sufficient attorneys available," said Newman.

The city already won a state battle to get library I.D. cards used for voting.

Now it wants to make sure problems don't develop,  like one voter who says she was quizzed about the information on her I.D. during early voting.

"Like holding your driver's license up to your chest and quizzing you on your date of birth, etc. to make sure you are you," says Newman. "We need to make sure elections don't make mistakes."

Other organizations are also monitoring the polls and offering help on election day, including the Justice Department and the NAACP.

But we are told  election officials from the state will not be in Shelby County .

If you have problems at the polls,you can reach the City of Memphis Election Integrity Task Force by calling 901-636-6500.