Fairley High Students Protest Having To Be At School On Time

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(Memphis) Fairley High School was evacuated this morning after a student protest got out of hand.

School officials say a small group was involved in a demonstration and, at some point, somebody pulled a fire alarm and phoned in a bomb threat.

Memphis City Schools says the students are angry with how the new Principal is running the school.

Some parents even showed up to support the protest.

Some parents and students are under the impression school starts at 7:30, but the school's handbook states the start time is 7:25.

Since starting at the school, the Principal has suspended students who are late.

"There has been an interim Principal and they said the interim Principal did not enforce what was in the handbook," said Assistant Superintendent Willie Rhodes.

Parents of kids not involved in the protest say they are glad the Principal is getting tough with their kids.

Some students wore black as a silent form of protest for being asked to attend school on time.