Victim of Serial Killer Attack Seeks Help

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(Memphis) The survivor of a serial killer's attack is in the hospital, battling injuries she received from the ambush several years ago.

It’s been a tough five years for Hugh Wooten and his family. In 2007, Wooten’s father, Herbert, was gunned down on his Fraser front porch by Dexter Cox.

“It just tore me up,” said Wooten.

Cox also shot Wooten’s mother Barbara, crippling her health.

“It grazed her breast, went through her lower colon and came out above her hip. It damaged a nerve in her left leg,” said Wooten.

She’s also fighting a complicated and mysterious virus.

“It got into her blood stream and made her heart week.  It’s some kind of virus, they don’t know what it is,” said Wooten.

This past week, Barbara Wooten had a heart transplant. Her son says the family is still suffering from those devastating shots fired by Cox in October 2007.

“Seeing all these tubes in her, it’s bringing all that stuff back together again,” expressed Wooten.

Right now, the grandmother is in the ICU. Doctors expect her to be home in a few weeks. But even with a new heart, she will continue to struggle.

The next challenge is paying for her much-needed medicine.

“If she don’t take it, she could die,” pointed out Wooten.

Wooten says, to live, his mother will have to take four medications for the rest of her life.

“One of them is going to be around 12 to 13 hundred dollars.  She’ll have to pay $900 dollars out-of-pocket,” said Wooten.

But the grandmother who gets very little in Medicare and social security just can’t afford that. Wooten is hoping Mid-Southerners will help his mother who has already been through so much.

A fund has been set up to help Barbara Wooten at FSN Bank, located in Wal-Mart Stores. The account is set up in Barbara or Hugh Wooten’s name.