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Voters Say Rise In October Unemployment Could Affect Election

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(Memphis) Unemployment is back up across the nation even though economy added 171,000 jobs.

Many believe this could change the voter’s choice on Election Day.

In October, the unemployment rate jumped up to 7.9 percent. That's up from 7.8 percent in September, but the report also shows the economy added 171,000 jobs last month.

Roughly 12.3 million people remain unemployed, like Kevin Stewart, “Employment is the biggest issue going on in Memphis right now.”

Many wonder where the new 171,000 jobs added across the U.S last month are. Larry Walton lost his job two weeks ago, “I'm still out here trying to look for something though.”

Even with unemployment on the rise nationally, Walton says President Obama gets his vote because of his work to relieve the struggle of those who are jobless.

“He gave us a chance to have an unemployment extension and stuff like that,” said Walton. “Before that you get it for six months and then you get nothing after that. You just got to find you a job.”

Conservatives say rising unemployment is evidence that the President is not on the right track. Republicans believe Mitt Romney is the better candidate.

Kevin Stewart wished to keep his candidate choice to himself, “I think either candidate would do a sufficient amount of help. It`s just going to take time. If the economy were down when we received it, it’s going to take time to rebuild it.”