Suspect in Jail After Stealing 10 Catalytic Converters

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(Memphis) The owners at Amigo Auto Sales on Summer Avenue didn’t think they would ever find the men responsible for damaging more than half of their stock in October.

Martha Cortez who works at Amigo Auto Sales said catalytic converters were cut from underneath 10 of their cars.

“A mechanic came in  he noticed the fence was cut  and we started looking under the cars. They were all gone,” said Cortez.

Twenty-eight year-old Marquel Tyler is charged with Theft of Property and Vandalism for the crime.

Memphis Police claim someone spotted a white SUV leaving the area of Amigo Auto Sales the day of the theft.

The same SUV was seen at a business in Horn Lake, Mississippi where police claim Tyler sold 10 catalytic converters.

Memphis Police are also looking for two other people who were involved in the crime.

Cortez said the theft really hurt sales, “We have insurance. The only thing it does take a while to do the repair work.”

They’ve replaced several of the parts, but not all.

MPD said Tyler sold the parts for just over $1,300 which is half of what it cost to replace them. He is behind bars on a $20,000 bond.

“It’s kind of unfair. I don’t know much time they are going to be in jail but it should be something substantial,” added Cortez.