Officers in Memphis Schools May Switch from MPD to Deputies

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(Memphis) Students across Shelby County will be kept safe next year by school resource officers, but the question now is, will it be Memphis Police officers or Shelby County Sheriff's deputies doing the protecting?

There is an opportunity for the City of Memphis to save money by pulling their resource officers out of the Memphis schools when the merger happen,  but doing so would put more financial pressure on the county government.

“We`ve been talking about this for over a year,” said Shelby County Commission Chairman, Mike Ritz.

He was not surprise when the Shelby County Sheriff walked into their budget committee meeting Wednesday and asked for $2,000,000 more to hire more deputies.

“At the end of the day the sheriff has to provide the security in this county and we`ve got to pay for it,” said Ritz.

In 2013 the county will take over the schools and that means protecting them. Sheriff Bill Oldham told the commission he will need to hire another 35 deputies and start training them in January.

However, the commission is waiting a couple of weeks to vote.

They want to exhaust all options, like hiring private security instead.

Also, the county commission will ask the city council to keep MPD in the Memphis Schools for now.

“They`re not going to do it and I don`t blame them,” said Ritz. “It’s not a fuss between us and the city council, we`ve got to do it. At the end of the day the sheriff is responsible for security in Shelby county.”

News Channel 3 tried to talk to Sheriff Oldham on Thursday, but was only told they're still trying to work out all of the details.