Phony Cops Use Blue Lights To Pull Arkansas Teen Over

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(Craighead County, AR)   A flashing blue light used to pull over a young Arkansas woman has sparked an all out search for who did it.

She was smart enough to drive away, but officers who wear real badges in Craighead County, say this is no Halloween prank--it's a serious crime.

We're protecting the 19-year-old by not showing her face or giving her name.

"He turned on the blue lights. And I thought, 'well maybe that is a legitimate officer,'" the victim said.

But there was nothing legitimate or routine about what happened to this 19-year old from Trumann, Arkansas.

She says it wasn't long after she left Arkansas State University in Jonesboro Sunday  that she noticed a white Crown Victoria following her.

They flashed a blue light so she pulled over on Highway 63 near Bay Arkansas,

"I said, 'Is there a problem?' He said, 'You need to get out of the vehicle.' And I said, 'no.' By that time there was a guy on the passenger side trying to open my door."

It scared her so much she took off and found a real police officer.

Bay Police Chief says this Halloween prank is no joke, "That's impersonating a police officer."

He says lawmen are searching for the car and the two men who were inside.

And they are double checking any traffic stops to make sure they're on the "up and up."

"If we see another police car or something that looks like a police car, that we try to check to make sure that it is an actual traffic stop that's going, if we don't hear it on our radio system."

This time the intended victim got safely away.

But she admits it was a close call, "I thought i was going to die. I didn't know if they had a gun."

Chief Keith says the woman was smart to only crack her window and then speed away when she sensed danger.

He says when in doubt use your cell phone and call 9-1-1,

"And talk to a dispatcher up there and say, 'hey I've got somebody trying to stop me. Have they radioed you to say this is an actual stop,' said Keith.

If you're not sure if a real officer is trying to pull you over drive to a well lighted public place,  then ask for a badge number and ID. Or call 9-1-1 and verify the officer is legit.