Mayhem on MATA Bus

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(Memphis) Memphis City Schools says about twenty students caused chaos riding a MATA bus home from school Tuesday.

"I couldn't believe it. It was just unreal," said Sandra Woode, a regular bus rider.

Woode says the students were out-of-control.

"They were just out here acting like fools! Like animals!" said Woode.

MCS says the students were headed home from Martin Luther King Transition Center School in South Memphis.

They were banging on windows, cursing, fighting, scaring everyone around them including other passengers.

"The bus driver was afraid," said Security Officer Roosevelt Brooks, who works at the North End Terminal.  "He was like this is 'out-of-control'."

Police and security confronted the students when they arrived at the North End Terminal.

"Whatever they were doing they need to stop it, get it under control because they can not come back here and ride these buses like this," said Brooks.

Police even arrested one student for refusing to get off the bus Tuesday afternoon.

"All I know is I saw the police deer flip one of them,' said Bus Rider Myron Draine.

The rest of the students face discipline from MLK's principal.

He plans to review the MATA security camera video to see which students acted-up and who should be suspended.

The school is holding a mandatory meeting for parents and mailing letters home to explain how students should behave on public transportation.

But regular riders say this one incident highlights a problem that's been happening for a while.

"They will fight. They will spit on you. It just doesn't make sense! It`s just unbelievable," said Woodes.

Sandra Woode says the behavior makes her not want to ride the bus at all. 

MATA agrees there's been an ongoing problem with students from MLK for more than a year. 

It's something that Memphis City Schools says it plans to address.