How A Husband And Wife Will Be Helping Sandy Victims

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(Memphis) More help from the Mid-South is headed to the Northeast for victims of Sandy.

Tuesday, Red Cross volunteers from Memphis drove to Middletown, New York and today a husband and wife team from Clarksville, Tennessee left for the same place.

ThisĀ is the first deployment for Dennis and Susie Bushnell.

The Bushnells both retired from their jobs earlier this year and just signed up this month to be Red Cross volunteers.

They are driving an Emergency Response Vehicle to provide hot meals to people in some of the hardest hit neighborhoods in Middletown.

Many people in the Northeast are still without power.

The Bushnells don't know what to expect once they get there.

They could be gone for up to three weeks.

"They told us to be prepared to sleep on the floor, sleep on cots, not have hot showers for a couple of days and they are anticipating it being the worst scenario possible," said Dennis Bushnell.

The American Red Cross has already deployed around 1,700 volunteers from across the country.

Last night they housed over 9,000 people in 170 of their shelters in 13 states.

If you would like to make a donation to the Red Cross just log on to their website at to find out how to do it.