How Old is too Old to Trick or Treat?

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(Memphis) Kids will hit the streets Wednesday night to trick or treat, but many are asking how old is too old for kids to take part.

Some News Channel 3 viewers refuse to open their doors because kids are so old.

“I'd say 16 is too old,” said Michael Bean, who claims if you’re old enough to drive, then it’s time to give up trick or treating.

“You're basically almost grown then,” he added.

But even still, Bean said most teenagers mean well,” [It’s about] Halloween, kids, candy. They’re just having fun.”

But Katherin Mack, said if you're a teenager than you're too old and it may be time to stop collecting candy and start passing it out.

“We have some very old looking teenagers, very big boys that come and I don't think its appropriate for them to be trick or treating,” Mack said. “To me, it seems like it would be for kids like 13 and under.”

Mack lives on one of the busiest streets for trick-or-treaters.

She said at times, some teenagers are so big, she worries about opening the door, “I have been, but not very nervous because there are so many people around.”

No matter how big or small, law enforcement agencies, like the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, say call them if you feel at all threatened on Halloween night.

“We don't want everyone to fear everything and everybody,” said spokesperson, Chip Washington, “but it’s always good to keep your antenna up, to be vigilant to who's around your neighborhood especially on days like today.”