Defense Rests in Caronna Murder Trial

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(Memphis) Joe Caronna took the stand to say he will not testify in his wife's murder trial Wednesday. 

Shortly after that the defense rested its case, and closing arguments are set to begin Thursday with the jury starting deliberations as early as Thursday afternoon. 

Joe Caronna's defense team is trying to take the attention off Caronna and cast doubt cast it on his neighbor Jeff Cox. 

Police got a call Cox was wandering around the woods near the crime scene where Tina Caronna's body was found  carrying three guns. 

"Detective Martin asked him what he was doing there and he said he was familiar with the area and had come to the scene to look for any evidence," said Investigator John Owen. 

Police say this story checked out so they didn't arrest him or ask anymore questions.

The defense points out Cox didn't tell police until five months later he had security cameras and Tina and Joes driveway could be seen in them. 

By the time police found out the video had been recorded over.

Cox says he watched the security camera video with Joe Caronna right after Tina disappeared. 

Cox says the video showed someone leave the Caronna's around 11 or 12 in the Truck Tina's body was found in.  

Last week when the jail house snitch testified he said Joe told him he drove off in the truck with her body in it, and then ditched it and had a hitchhiked drive him home.

The informant says Caronna parked a car on the street because of the cams and wanted it to look like he was home. 

Caronna's attorneys are trying to shake jurors faith in the police investigation of his wife's murder, and wants jurors to think the investigation was botched. 

On the stand today The detective who worked the case told jurors they did not check the outside of the car or handles for DNA or finger prints. 

"I believe there was some blood smear on the back of the seat. I am not one hundred percent positive I took a swab of that but I believe I did. Other than that no," said Owen. 

The investigator also said it's  Bartlett PD's  protocol to record interviews with people but he says did not submit a video with Joe Caronna's mistress Becky Black. 

Early in the trial another  investigator said he may not have even recorded that interview