83-year-old Arrested for Drug Dealing

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(Memphis) Mildred Stokes looks like just about any other grandmother, but police say she's a drug dealer.Inside her home on Ash Street, just a block from Douglass Elementary, police found 26 grams of marijuana, 28 grams of cocaine, and 35 grams of crack.

Those who know Stokes best say she's never dealt drugs.

"No way in God's green earth is that true. That's a false statement," Stokes' neighbor William Burse said.

Burse said that Stokes' two adult grand children live with her and he can't believe the drugs are hers.

"It is no way possible," he said. "It was just timing. She was in her home at the wrong time."

According to the arrest affidavit police busted in the home Tuesday afternoon and Found Stokes sitting in her recliner.

Along with drugs, police say they also recovered baggies, scales, two stolen guns, and ammunition.

They arrested Stokes, and she was released Wednesday on a $10,000 bond.

We caught up with her at her house, but she didn't want to talk to us.

But a lot of people on her block defend her.

"She wouldn't know what to do with it (drugs) or know what it looked like," Burse said.

A lot of neighbors who wouldn't go on camera wonder if her grandson's had anything to do with the drugs in the home. We tried to find out if police were expecting anymore arrests in the investigation, but they did not return our calls.