Woman Taken In Rental Scam

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(Millington, TN) A Millington woman who thought she was renting a home she found on Craigslist ended up being swindled out of her money instead.

It turns out the house was never for rent.

Shelby County deputies say the woman behind the scam is now locked up .

Sheriff's deputies say a woman thought she was renting a house near Millington and handed over $1100 to the landlord for a deposit and first month's rent.

Investigators say instead, that landlord, Peggy Volpicelli, took the money and ran.

As it turns out, Peggy Volpicelli was living in the house with family and it was never for rent in the first place.

We checked the property records and Volpicelli doesn't even own the house.

It's owned by her mother who lives next door.

A deputy, who was investigating Volpicelli's background, found out she has a history of theft, fraud and identity theft.

In fact, just hours before investigators arrested her on theft charges, she missed a court appearance for a separate crime, an $80,000 forgery and embezzlement case.

Judy McAplin's son used to date Volpicelli.

She filed at least two police reports claiming ovlpicelli stole her wallet and other items from her home, "I'm tired of all the people she's ruined and hurt and stole from. I mean her own family. If you can do that to your own family you do it to anybody else."

McAlpin says she's actually the one who turned in Volpicelli yesterday to deputies and feels sorry for the woman taken in the alleged rental scam, "I hope she rots."

The D.A.'s office says Volpicelli's bond in the embezzlement case was revoked.

She is set to go to trial in that case next month.

The victim in this case was not given a lease to sign before she handed of the rent.

Rental experts say never hand over money before you sign a lease agreement..

They say if you are renting a house, it's always a good idea to check to see who owns the property.